Using the Come Balance System to Win at Craps

Players who are truly efficient when playing craps have tried-and-tested methods for maximizing their earnings during a winning streak. The Come Balance system is designed to help players do just this, and it is very easy to learn. Essentially, it involves using Come bets and Pass Line bets at the same time.

Pass Line Bets

Pass line bets are any bets that win whenever the shooter throws a seven or an 11 on a come-out roll. Conversely, if the shooter rolls a two, three or 12, the bet will lose. If any other number is rolled, this becomes the point, and the point must be rolled before the shooter rolls a seven in order to win. A come bet is very similar and the ways in which the player wins or loses is the same, but this bet is only placed after the point has been established and not before the come-out roll.

Balancing the Bets

The Come Balance system seeks to help players 'balance' these two bets in such a way that they will not lose on a come-out roll that results in a seven. Players who choose to employ this strategy should remember that it is incredibly effective during runs when the same numbers are repeated. Come bets must be placed after each initial wager and in the same amount as the initial bet. The bet will be the amount of money that is left on the table after a previous win.

The overall point of using the Come Balance system is to negate the possibility of a seven-roll costing the player money. When using this system, repeat numbers will help to guarantee success.